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Law Enforcement

Listen to the Spokane Technical Flight Officer speak about the County Sherrif’s Helicopter’s role in Law Enforcement


Check out the Life Flight Team of Halo- Flight out of Corpus Christi Texas

EMS  Life Flight


Off Shore Pilots


ERA Offshore Helicopter service has a series of videos sharing their life on the rigs

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 Air Law Enforcement Officer

Under direction, the Helicopter Pilot operates a helicopter as Pilot-in-Command, performing various airborne law enforcement support functions, aerial search and rescue missions, medical evacuations and transportations, and fire suppression activities as required; oversees the maintenance and ensures the airworthiness and general condition of the aircraft; completes necessary documentation; and performs related duties as required.

Helicopter Pilots’ initial work week will be four, 10-hour shifts. During the work week, pilots will be required to remain on stand-by for the remaining 14 hours per day of their assigned work days. Helicopter Pilots will be compensated for stand-by hours at the rate of $3.25/hour as directed by the bargaining unit for the position. In addition to stand-by pay, Helicopter Pilots may be required to work overtime and will be compensated at the overtime rate of 1 times their hourly salary for any hours worked over their assigned hours. Note: The stand-by and overtime pay may equate to a significant increase over the base salary, depending on hours required.

Salary:  $77,432.16 - $94,149.96 annually


Education and Experience:

Graduation from High School or acceptable equivalent certificate
2,000 hours of turbine helicopter Pilot-in-Command time, including
R44 hours of mountain flying
100 hours of night flying
200 hours of precision vertical reference long line flying
License and Certificates:

Possession of a valid Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) Commercial Airman Certificate with rotorcraft-helicopter rating OR Valid FAA Airline Transport Pilot's Certificate with a rotorcraft-helicopter rating
Possession of a valid and current Class II Airman's Medical Certificate issued by an FAA authorized medical examiner
Possession of a valid driver's license

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These are EMS positions operating Bell 206 L or Bell 407 aircraft in community-based stand-alone programs. Air Evac Lifeteam is offering:

A $5000 re-location bonus if the new pilot moves to within 70 miles of the assigned base payable over a 12-month employment period
Geographic modifiers at select bases
Paid annual flight physicals
7/7 work schedules
Shift and half pay for optional work over
Paid hourly for all time worked after 12 hour shift
Per Diem and mileage for work over shifts conducted away from home base
Matching 401(K) plan
Employer paid short and long term disability, that covers medical loss of license for pilots
Employer paid life insurance, that covers pilots while in flight
Insurance: Medical, Dental with several cafeteria style plans available
Free housing while on shift

Minimum requirements:

Commercial pilot certificate with rotorcraft- helicopter and helicopter instrument rating,
2000 hours TT, 1500 hours helicopter TT
1000 hours helicopter PIC
500 hours turbine
100 hours unaided night

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