Why Train in a Robinson ?

By training in the Robinson you will reduce your training costs. The inherent stability of the Robinson aircraft makes it possible to solo students earlier with no hour limitation found in aircraft used by other area schools and enables the student to reach the required standards with less flight time. We are a strong advocate of student training in the R44 series for the following reasons:

About the Robinson R44

The Robinson R44C is the most powerful two-seat, piston-powered helicopter in production and was designed as a multi-purpose aircraft, with pilot training specifically in mind. Certified by the FAA in August 1995, the Robinson R44 is the first new helicopter in over twenty years to be designed specifically for training. It is a derivative of the Robinson  R22 series helicopters which were originally certified over 40 years ago, and have dominated the world of  flight training for many years. The new model combines the outstanding flying qualities of its predecessors with the latest technological improvements, including full instrument training capability.

The Robinson R44 is powered by an injected Lycoming 240HP engine which eliminates the concerns of carburetor icing. The R44 is also equipped with a start-up overspeed limiter, automatic rotor engagement, and low rotor RPM warning system.


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