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Photo Flights

There is no better platform for aerial photography than the helicopter. Visibility is virtually unlimited, allowing multiple camera angles. We understand what it takes to get that special aerial angle which can make or break a day's work. Use us for all your aerial work and your satisfaction is guaranteed.

Contact us for photo flight availability and rates.

Traffic Watch

We also have available for aviation-related traffic watch duties within Providence and Newport and the surrounding metro areas.

Traffic watch from a helicopter has several distinct advantages over fixed wing:

Our Robinson R44 model, when used as a traffic watch platform, can match speed of lower end fixed wing aircraft used as traffic watch, but with the added advantage of being more suitable to operating within the Boston metropolitan area. We can fly closer to the city at a much lower altitude than fixed wing utilizing the VFR helicopter routes. Our helicopters can traverse the routes quicker, operate more days per year, see more, and get closer to metro areas than any other aircraft available.

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