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Summit Helicopter's Simulator

Chekout a “ Fly-It Simulator”

You can get some REAL simulator time on a professional Fly It  Simulator (check out Fly-it’s Web site)

Gulf View Helicopters

Just need a few hours to get night current?  Or perhaps just have to do that darn CFI renewal.   We are here and ready, for what ever your flying currency needs may be


Take Your Parents to Work Day

New England Weather

Dad is hopping out of the R44Cbi after his first ride with his son.. it’s a hot swap with an escort  because he takes his Mom up for a ride next.

After you get your license you’ll be taking your parents for a ride as well..!

summit dallas photo

 Aerial Photo Pilots


As a commercial pilot you could be hired to fly aerial photography shoots like this one in down town Dallas

Flying for a tour company in any of the major cities in the US is  great way to enjoy flying while being stationed at home...

...and you get to meet some interesting people.


As a commercial pilot you’ll get to fly some unusual operations. 

You will Fly Gulf View Helicopters in all kinds of weather.  Wind and Rain.   We are always Saftey oriented.  But at the same time we have to be realistic on what you will be doing once you get a job!

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